Serious Product we go!

During the holidays, I had the privilege of meeting with Tammy Dupuis from www.sugar` She is an inspiring woman who is passionate about finding the best products out there for her body sugaring clients. After our meeting I was able to grab a few bottles of her prized 'Serious Serum' from the hot shelves of her studio. This serum is specially designed for post waxing ingrown hairs and skin exfoliating. A product that is definitely suitable for Sugaristas as well!  I've been using it for a week and have already found that my facial skin is notably smoother. As long as I can remember my chin has been prone to hormonal breakouts and blackheads. Not only does this stuff work, but it is all natural and made from beautiful ingredients like green tea, aloe, mint and camomile!  Since using Serious Serum I have noticed serious results!

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