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a sweeter way to remove unwanted hair!




Treat yourself to an all natural, luxurious body sugaring experience


Sugaring Change is Western Canada's sweeter alternative to waxing. We provide all natural, individually-tailored services using an advanced body sugaring hair removal technique. Our studios are relaxing, body positive spaces, and we specialize in providing the most respectful, all natural and luxurious sugaring experience you'll ever have. 


Sugar Vs. Wax

Sugaring is superior to waxing because...

- Sugaring is all natural and incredibly gentle; safe for sensitive skin types

- Sugar paste doesn't need to be heated like wax so it will NEVER burn you!

- Hair can be removed at 1/8" (that's only 7-10 days of growing for most areas of the body!)

- Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, creating less irritation

- Sugar paste is eco-friendly and biodegradable

- Sugar paste is sanitary and individually-portioned; no chance of double-dipping sticks


Services & Pricing

For a complete list of services and pricing, please click on the link below:


What Our Clients Say About Us

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