Yet, another sad waxing story...

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Mandy.  She is newly married and super sweet. During her consultation, she shared her last waxing hair removal story with me. 

Two weeks before her wedding she went to get her brows waxed, sounds typical, right? The first brow was waxed and all was well however when the esthetician went to wax the second brow her experience quickly became a horror story. The esthetician applied the wax and Mandy knew immediately that there was something was wrong- her skin was burning but the practitioner did not seem to be bothered. After she left the salon, her brows were bright, cherry red. The days to follow would reveal that she was not, in fact, over-reacting during her service. She had been burned, like so many. Her skin eventually scabbed over and both Mandy and her husband were obviously concerned with the wedding day fast approaching. With lots of care, exfoliation and make up she was able to cover it up for her wedding day. Thank goodness she had her waxing service two weeks before her wedding day, so she had some buffer time to recover.  When Mandy came for your Body Sugaring appointment THREE MONTHS later the scarring was still visible above her right brow. How frustrating this must have been on her wedding day. I'm sure she had a ton of other things she would have preferred tobe thinking about besides her brows!

After her Body Sugaring appointment, Mandy found that her skin looked great and she was really happy with the results. Mandy is thrilled to have discovered Body Sugaring and I'm sure her husband is too! Thanks for letting me share your story, Mandy!

What are you waiting for? Sugaring Change is a sweeter alternative to waxing for a reason! Come try something new.