French Green Clay

At Sugaring Change, we love our French Green Clay! It's also known as ''sea clay" or an "elite clay"  and is a very fine, green clay used as a detoxifier. We use it as an accompaniment to our brazilian sugaring and facial sugaring services at all three of our Canmore, AB, Cochrane, AB, and Port Moody, BC sugaring studios. It originated from French quarries and later found in Montana, Wyoming, and China, this bio mineral is able to detox using a unique mineral composition including dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and aluminum. With all of these minerals, the colour actually comes from its iron oxide and decomposed plant matter including kelp and seaweed.

                This elite clay is most commonly used in cosmetics for facials or in soap. It is known to tighten pores, tone skin, and reduce inflammation specifically in acneic skin. Having an ionic charge, the clay acts like a magnet in attaching to the molecules of toxins to be rinsed away as it's washed off the skin. This is a perfect post sugaring product as it helps keep bacteria out of open hair follicles. Because of this ionic charge, it's believed that the clay must be kept away from metals and should instead be mixed in a ceramic bowl with a wooden spoon as to not disrupt the ionic exchange. With an external application it is also able to boost blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. However, this product should only be used once a week as to not dry out the skin.

                Studies have shown that French Green Clay is so strong in its detoxifying effects that it is used to clean heavy metals from industrial wastewater, but it is safe to use on the skin as well. In a similar way, it is also able to clean the digestive system and eliminate toxins. Rebecca Frey published an article in the Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine titled "French Green Clay" In this article she writes how and why French Green Clay is used to treat menstrual cramps and morning sickness both internally and externally.

                This trick as old as time is prepared by sun drying and crushing the clay until it is a green powder. In this manor, it has been used for hundreds of years in Egypt, Greece, and Rome to treat ailments including bacteria, cuts, and digestive disorders.

                Our favourite way to use French Green Clay in studio is to mix 1 Tsp Roman Chamomile Hydrosol with 1 Tbsp Clay!