The History of Sugaring Hair Removal

At Sugaring Change, we hear all the time that sugaring is “an amazing new technique!” Would you believe us if we said that it’s been around for a couple hundred years?

In Vancouver, yes, it does seem like a new thing! However, it is HUGE in many other Canadian provinces as well as in Western USA, Western Europe and Eastern Europe.  Sugairng Hair Removal has been big in the Middle East since the early 1900’s. In fact, it started in the Middle East as a hygiene ritual. Removing hair kept the skin cleaner and free from lice.

Originally, hair would be removed using a pumice stone, razor, or tweezers, but sugaring took over because it doesn’t leave stubble and was efficient in preventing bacteria growth on the skin. Sugaring (aka Persian Waxing or Sugar Waxing – the latter being politically incorrect) started off as a honey and oil mixture, but later evolved into the sugar, lemon, and water concoction that we know and love today. 

Sugaring is a gentle, effective and hygienic form of hair removal. Come into any one of our three locations in Canmore, AB, Cochrane, AB or Port Moody, BC to receive a complimentary consultation and see what it's all about. You will also receive 10% off your first sugaring appointment with us.

Don’t believe how great it is? Ask Cleopatra ;)